Sunday, July 22, 2007

Green Tomatoes Anyone...

I know many of you are waiting for your tomatoes to ripen, but not me. I'm plucking some of them off the vine. That's because I love pickled green tomatoes.

Now before you wrinkle up your nose at the thought of 'em, ya have to try 'em first. Especially if ya like Italian flavor. This is an old recipe. They never measured anything back in the good ol' days.

Green Tomatoes In Olive Oil

Thinly slice green tomatoes.

Put tomatoes in a large bowl cover them completely in a layer of canning salt.

Place a plate on top of the tomatoes with something to weigh them down. I also place a towel over the bowl. Let set overnight.

Drain all water from the bowl and rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water.

Place tomatoes in a large bowl and cover completely with cider vinegar. Let stand for 4 hours.

Drain vinegar.

Then stack tomatoes in canning jars adding a pinch of oregano and chopped garlic (or more than a pinch if y'all are trying to keep the vampires or your in-laws away) on top of every few tomatoes. If using fresh oregano, add more than a pinch.

Fill jars completely with olive oil. (don't substitute with any other oil)
As you do this, gently place a butter knife down the sides of the jars to get out any air.

Cap and let stand for 4-6 weeks and ENJOY. These are delicious on sandwiches, hamburgers or top your favorite steak with 'em. But remember not to breathe your "dragon breath" on anybody after you have some.


Dogpatch said...

oh what a pretty pic Karin! You make eveything look so inviting!~
Those canned maters not only look beautiful, they sound delish! Some things are worth the ol Dragon Breath, and I'll just bet they are!


Annie said...

OMY! Sounds heavenly!!!!!

Beautiful picture too!


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