Friday, July 27, 2007

Quit Supposin'...

Don't start your day by supposin' that trouble is just ahead,
It's best to stop supposin' and start with prayer instead,
And make it a prayer of Thanksgiving for the wonderful things God has wrought
Like the beautiful sunrise and sunset, "God's Gifts" that are free and not bought
For what is the use of supposin' the dire things that could happen to you
And the worry about misfortune that seldom if ever comes true-
But instead of just idle supposin' step forward to meet each new day
Secure in the knowledge God's near you to lead you each step of the way-
For supposin' the worst things will happen only helps to make them come true
And you darken the bright, happy moments that the dear Lord has given to you-
So if you desire to be happy and get rid of the "misery of dread"
Just give up the "Supposin' the worst things" and look for "the best things" instead.
By: Helen Steiner Rice

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