Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just A Subtle Reminder For Me...

To stop complainin' about this heat and humidity.

There. That worked. I snapped the above photo after the Nor'easter hit us this past April.

So now I don't mind at all how as soon as I walk out the door, my hair look like Moe from The Three Stooges. Really, I'm fine with it.

It's T-riffic how my clothes stick to me when I walk and how it feels like the air is as thick as molasses. Heck, who needs to breathe anyway?
Yep, I l-o-v-e that heat and humidity... :> )


Cookie said...

ha - it wasnt that long ago you were complaining about having to shovel snow!!!

Michelle said...

You are a natural born journalist/writer. You NEED to get a job at the local paper to make people laugh.

I hope that you get some crisp fall air soon. THat is the best kind of breathin around!


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