Friday, August 3, 2007

"My Name Is Karin And I Am An Unorganized Packrat..."

Yep, as much as I hate to admit it, it's true. *sigh* So I've decided its time for a barn sale and get rid of some of this stuff.

I flip through the television channels and see all these 1/2 hour shows about getting your house organized. My first thought is why in tarnations would I want to put something back in the same spot after I use it? I would much rather grab what I need, use it, and put it down somewhere so when I need it again I can spend a few hours looking for it. Makes sense, doesn't it? Hmmmm... Not really huh. So I've been going through the house, putting stuff into piles just like those T.V. folks say to do. But the "get rid of pile" doesn't have much in it.

My biggest problem is the clothes closet. I don't know why, but I'm hanging on to clothes I've had forever. Lord knows I may want to wear my flashdance style sweatshirt, leg warmers and pumps when I go to the mall. Or better yet wear my ruffled shirt (like that Prince), my paisley blazer and some Lee Press On Nails when I head down to the local diner for breakfast on Sunday. Then there's those one pair of jeans I MIGHT fit into again some day. Of course they are so small I think I was an embryo when I wore 'em last, but hey ya never know.

So it looks like its time to box up my old clothes and let 'em go. Although they say the clothing trends eventually come back in style. But do I really want to wear a tube top with spandex pants and Candies again? If I do, just shoot me.

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Plain-n-Simple! said...

Hey, my 13 year old wore my old leg warmers with a punk style skirt into Hot Topic, the cashier and a customer both asked her were she got them! Hehe...


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