Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Have Y'all Watched T.V. Lately....

What in the Sam Hill has happened to T.V. programmin'??!! They're callin' this stuff "entertainment?"

"Are You Smarted Than A 5th Grader?" ~ Do ya really want to know the answer to that?

"The Singing Bee" ~ I don't know about y'all, but the last time I went up on a stage and made a fool of myself tryin' to sing Karaoke to "Roxanne", I was at the Stumble Inn after throwin' back a few Southern Comfort and Ginger Ales. (Maybe that show has an open bar)

"Hell's Kitchen." ~ Heck, I don't need Gordon Ramsay to tell me what I'm doin' wrong in the kitchen, that's what family holiday gatherins' are for.

"Tommy Lee Goes To College" & "Rock Of Love." ~ Those head bandanas were cool back then. Now they're worn to cover up that recedin' hairline. Dudes, the 80's are over. Just let it go like ya did your hair...

"Fear Factor" ~ As youngun's, lil' Jimmy down the road from us ate every kind of bug in sight. Just think if that show existed back then, he'd be a millionaire by now.

Ya know what's even crazier? These corporate folks are sittin' around a big table thinkin' up this stuff and gettin' paid for it. Laughin' all the way to the bank. Maybe its time to give up my doll makin' career and come up a new reality television show:
"Just For Laughs the Wife Swaps Biggest Loser goes for an Extreme Make Over but drops out of Charm School to participate in the Amazing Race and secretly dreams of being The Last Comic Standing instead of Flipping Out."

By Jove, I think I've got it!

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