Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Come Early...

I wanted to share with y'all the wonderful gifts I received from my Secret Stockin' Swap partner. Some of us artists in the eBay group TDIPT participated in the swap. My secret stockin' swap partner was Terri Brush from Terri Brush Designs.

First of all, I saw Paul our mailman pull in the driveway which immediately told me he's got somethin' more than bills. So I ran outside with no coat, in a foot of snow with my slippers on. My eyes got as huge as saucers as he handed me THE box. I thanked him and left nothin' but a puff of smoke behind me as I ran back into the house.

I calmly placed the box on the floor then ripped into it like a monkey on a cupcake. OH MY!!! The wonderful gifts that were inside!!

There was a huge moose stockin' filled with toys for my "girls" along with a smaller one filled with rawhide chews. A bag of Dove chocolates for my hubs. I was goin' to hoard them all to myself, but he came home a tad early and zeroed in on the bag as it lay on the kitchen table. Dang it, I didn't have time to hide the bag! I thought about jumpin' on it like it was a live grenade but that would have drawn too much attention to myself.

Next, there was a wonderful paper mache snowman! He holds a banner which reads "Joy" and that is exactly what he brought me! Finally there was an awesome pendant necklace with my initial in it. I swear that touched me so! I will treasure it! All these goodies were tucked in a wonderful terry tote bag. Am I a lucky stiff or what?!

Terri darlin', I can't thank you enough! Y'all made my Christmas very special! :> )


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You ARE very lucky. How adorable...and thoughtful!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

What a haul! You made out like a bandit and deserve every bit of it, Peanut!

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