Monday, January 28, 2008

"But Oz Never Did Give Nothin' To The Tin Man..."

"That he didn't, didn't already have. And Cause never was the reason for the evenin', or the tropic of Sir Galahad."

What in the heck was that Dewey Bunnell feller from the band America smokin' when he wrote those lyrics? It makes no sense but was a real toe tapper, wasn't it?

I remember my mama lovin' that song, so I saved my money and bought her the 45 (for 79¢) and gave it to her for her birthday. That along with some groovy wooden napkins rings. Gotta love the 70's.

Here's my Tin Man.

I'm workin' on the scarecrow next...

Many of y'all know I still get the willies when I see those flyin' monkeys! YIKES!
*shudder* But I know they are important characters to the story.

So I was finally was able to bring myself to sculpt one of these lil' creatures. He will be offered with the Wicked Witch.

Mine isn't as scary lookin' but I reckon it will take years of therapy to overcome this one. I really do need my head examined anyway. :> )


Cookie said...

oh my GAWD.... he is just the cutest dang gum thing I ever saw!!! I love his little funnel cap and his axe!
I will definately be watching this set when it goes up on the auction block - and I'll be poppin some corn for the grand finale!!
Very very good job, Goob!
This set is phenomenal :)

Jo James said...

Ooooh, the tin man is the best yet!!

I'm too excited to see the whole kit and kaboodle.

kat449 said...

Thank Goodness you had the song to remind me of those crazy lyrics...I always gotta work the memory bank when reading your trivia stories on this blog, then it all comes back to me...whew...a few cells left.
oh & Peanut? Ashton Drake needs to see these!!! OUTSTANDING & sooo much fun! To The Moon Alice...Hugs, Kat

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