Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Head Over Heels For...

HEADS. (Y'all though I was goin' to say Tears For Fears, didn't ya?)

I've got so many ideas floatin' around in this noggin of mine, I can't keep up!

The clay head is a new creation I'm workin' on. I love playin' with Paper Clay. Its the next best thing to playin' in the mud.

The two heads are my next Firewood Folks. This is the set I was tellin' ya about. They don't look like much without hair.

But they do kind of look like those Tears For Fears fellers. :> )

Everybody wants to rule the world...

Time to get back to work!


tj said...

...Oh my gosh! Who didn't love Tears for Fears?!
"...So glad we've almost made it, So sad they had to fade it, Everybody wants to rule the world..."
Okay, okay, I'm done singing ;o)

...Love the doll! I haven't gotten into the paper clay thing yet but I would like to - it sure does look like fun! Kinda looks like a doll for a horror flick or something - with the heads and all... :o)

...Blessings... :o)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

LOL! They are like lil' shrunken heads!
Ahhh, 80's music. It throws ya right back doesn't it?! Hubs and I watched Miami Vice (the T.V. show) last night and oh how we laughed! Back then I was madly in love with that no socks wearin' Don Johnson and his razor stubble. :> )

SweetAnnee said...

Love the heads
and love
Tears for Fear..
songs from the big chair???

wasn't that the album!!
smiles, Deena

Michelle said...

I am at the edge of my seat waitin to see what you have up your sleeve with those dollies!

Tears for Fears....Ahhhhh the comfort of the 80's when things were so much more innocent...


Holly Tree Primitives said...

Ahh the 80's. What great music.

I had their debut record and I loved it so much I displayed it in my window as a poster. I lived in CA. at the time. It is a little hot there. Needless to say, my record warped a little. LOL

I am really lookin forward to seeing what you come up with for these heads.


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