Tuesday, April 15, 2008

YIKES!! Is Bigger Really Better?

(For the record, that's a quarter)

Hubs grabbed some strawberries from the grocery store yesterday and I came across this freakish monstrosity. Actually, one of many.

What in the Sam Hill kind of growth hormones and genetic mutations are goin' on with our produce and food? Do we really need to eat a strawberry the size of a fist? Am I the only one who walks down the produce isle shakin' my head at what I see?

I firmly believe in that old expression "You are what you eat." I learned that the hard way about a year ago.

But now I'm afraid I'll wake up one mornin' lookin' like Alice the Goon. Heck, my feet are big enough as it is!


Laura said...

HOLY FRUIT BASKET Batman that one big berry !! Watch out it don't turn on you !!lol

Cookie said...

is that a quarter next to the strawberry ????

jumpin catfish!!!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

wow-ee wow wow!! That is one huge strawberry!! Have you checked it for steroids? LOL!! (or not so funny!!)

I tagged you this morning!! You're it!! *grin*

Robin said...

We used to live in Southern California where they grow tons of Strawberries.... They get really big , but they are tasteless cause they pump them full of water....Lots of irrigation always going .....

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