Sunday, June 15, 2008

A (Wee) Sleepin' Beauty...

When hubs popped his head through the kitchen door this mornin' callin' me to come quick, I knew to bring my camera.

There in his gloved hands was a precious sight. Ya know, my whole life I've been fearful of them, but that all changed when I laid eyes on her.

Hubs said she lay helpless on the floor in the barn. Her mama must have abandoned her. Unable to see because her eyes weren't open yet, she tried to crawl. But with ever other step she took, she would flip over on her back strugglin' to get back on her feet. It was too painful for hubs to watch so he gently picked her up. As he did, she let out a faint "squeak".

We could hear the sucklin' sound comin' from her and knew she was hungry. I ran into the house and hopped on the internet hopin' we could do somethin' for her. Sadly, there's nothin' we could do. She needed her mama's milk. Hubs thought it would be best to place her in the tall grass behind the barn and let nature take its course. :> (

When I walked away I looked up to Heaven and said, "Lord, I know you're busy, but would ya please keep an eye on this wee one? She could really use Your help."

All afternoon I worried about her, wonderin' if a crow got her or if the sun was too much on her frail body.
As I was gettin' supper ready I heard my hubs call me from outside. I ran out to see him lookin' like a deer in headlights. I asked him what was wrong.

He said, "You're not going to believe this! When I pulled the truck up to the barn, there she was just sitting on the door stoop!" Heck, she must have been waitin' for him because as soon as he opened the door for her, she hobbled right in!

Could it have been the same mouse?! After he let her in, he ran over to where he had placed her in the tall grass. I'll give ya one guess as to whether or not she was still there.

I looked up to Heaven once again, smiled and said, "Thank you."
:> )


Laura said...

Hi Karin ,That is so cute I read it early this morning ,then when I got to work I called your hubby the mouse whisperer !lol Hope the little squeaker made out alright.

Cookie said...

how touching - we try so hard to get rid of them when they get older ... but looking at this little bit of a fur ball, I can't imagine harming them!

Doreen Frost said...

What a wonderful story P.


kat449 said...

Hey P.Girl,
Im gonna throw this out hubs claims to be a field mouse whisperer! and said this happened to him a few years ago at his Dads farm and he watered down a little condensed milk & used an eye dropper..worked like a charm....Im not sure ya want to go to that length if shes still there, but she was counting on your hubs smell. Keep us posted. Kat

Pond Creek Primitives said...

Makes my eyes drip, it's such a precious story ...


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