Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm A Reformed Junk Food Junkie...


Okay folks, many of ya know I shoot straight from the hip when it comes to certain subjects and political correctness goes right out the window. I'm sure I'll ruffle a few feathers but hear me out. This truly concerns me.

I heard on the news yesterday the "experts" are now suggestin' young'uns as young as 8 should take cholesterol medication!! What is wrong with our society?! Why the heck would you want to subject your kid to another medication when all ya have to do is throw out the processed (crap) food ya have in your kitchen cupboards/refrigerator and start givin' them healthy foods. Its that simple.

A hot dog with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese on the side and a liter of Coke does not constitute a healthy dinner. Nor does Chicken McNuggets, french fries and a "vanilla shake". We are killin' ourselves and our kids with these "convenient" foods.


Next, limit their time on those dang cell phones, the computer, video games and television and make them get their butts off the furniture and outside. Take control. Set rules and boundaries. Lord knows kids want (and need) them, they just won't admit it.

Now before ya start rollin' your eyes at my comments, I too ate ALL those foods most of my life.

As a kid, I lived on Nabisco Ideal Cookie Bars, Sugar Frosted Flakes and Franco-American Spaghetti. As an adult, I was still eatin' cookies for breakfast but I washed 'em down with coffee instead of Hawaiian Punch.

I did this up until about a year and a half ago when I ended up in the E.R. That's when I knew it was time to make a major lifestyle change. Believe me when I tell ya it was harder than quittin' smokin', but I did it. I had to. You would be amazed at how the weight comes off (and stays off) just by stayin' away from those processed foods. I can't remember ever feelin' this good.

Do I ever eat bad now? Occasionally. My nose would grow like Pinocchio if I told ya otherwise. I still get hankerins'. BUT I've learned to grocery shop along the perimeter of the store. Everythin' in the inner isles is mostly processed stuff. I'm also a label reader now when before I could give a rip.

I was shocked to see how High Fructose Corn Syrup is used in so many foods! Its bad news folks. That's one of the ingredients that is porkin' us out as a nation and causin' all our medical problems. Also, if ya can't pronounce an ingredient; don't put it in your mouth. Makes sense, doesn't it?


I guess what I'm tryin' to say is we are settin' really bad examples for our younger generations. The foods we eat has turned us into a lazy, depressed, overweight society and we think we can fix it with a pill. When all we need is a lil' common sense. I wonder if that comes in a pill form?
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Tina said...

All I can say is "AMEN! Sister!!"

I'm right there with ya.

I'm down a few pounds just watching portions and fat content. A warning for the doc and a high cholesterol count woke me up. I hope to stop before the ER comes into play.

Blessings to ya

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Nicely done Karin,
I am going grocery shopping today and will be looking at the needs to be said, kids are lazy these days and don't have the imaginations you and I had as a kid where we were outside come sun up and still out playing come sun down...just came in to eat, potty and sleep...have a wonderful day...
Gina :)

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh goodness do I need to hear this over and over and over again!! Common Sense is exactly what our world food as well as many other issues!! Thanks for the reminder!!

Laura said...

You are so right Karin ! Today is of world of pills and quick cures . None them work,I know I've been down the path of docs and pills ,needles and patches .If I took all they wanted me to, to so called cure me .I would rattle when I walk ! The change to better eating is hard I'm still workin on it.The change has to start with us and now our children are in true trouble !We need to make the change now for them cause they won't live past fifty!

Cookie said...

I thought the very same things when I heard it on the news.

Kick those kids out in the yard instead of letting them veg out in front of the computer / tv!


Doreen said...

EXACTLY!!!!! I too thought this exact same thing..they try and hand out a pill for everything now!!!!!!


rockriverstitches said...

Amen to everything you said!! I am learning to eat much better keeping those processed foods out of my diet and that nasty high frutose corn syprup.


fiddlestixstudios said...

Peanut,this is exactly where I'm at right now in my life!Trying to make major changes in the way that I eat.I've always felt very strongly about everything you've mentioned!My views are the same!Don't even get me started on all those"experts"that want to shove pills in kids mouths,instead of just simply showing parents how to get them healthy by changing their diets and exercise!!!Amen,sister!

Dogpatch Primitives said...

you said it Karen! first of all, the portions that these restaurants are serving us are really enough for 2 or 3 people. We've lost all perception of what a real "serving" is supposed to be. We're not supposed to eat so much, and the fast food chains who always seem to ask "would you like that super-sized?", yes, they are killing us, and it's a shame b/c w/ so many Moms overworked and tired, it seems the ideal solution and very affordable w/ the dollar menues to just make a quick trip through the drive through to feed your family quick, cheap, and they love it!
Not only are we seeing a rise in childhood obesity, there is a rise in type 2 diabetes among children, and it's b/c of all of this junk food, and no exercize due to all the technology and video games. Truly sad....we really do need a wake up call!

tj said...

...Oh girl, isn't this the gods honest truth?! (*insert applause here*) I couldn't of said it better myself and I wish everyone and anyone could read this post 'cause you hit the nail on the head!

...We're a society that is scared to say "no" to our kids for fear that we won't be friends! We're supposed to be parents to our children first, friends to our children second and somewhere along time we got the two mixed up!

...Great post Karin!

...Blessings... :o)

Dixie Redmond said...

Hey, Miz Peanut. You are right that playing outside and eating better would cure many ills. But not every one. We have a limit on screen time here in our house. One little ruffled feather - some medications are necessary and not everything is solved by changing diet - but a lot can be.

I'm off to New York next week (Rochester). How many hours is that from you?


Pond Creek Primitives said...

Preach on, sister ! Ya nailed it! We got "super-sized" kids and adults with "super-sized" health problems and social problems and self-esteem problems because of "super-sizin'" the fries & coke !

My biggest problem is not being to afford "healthy" and "fresh produce" for our house ... when there's 4 adults to feed, it's costy - red delicious apples were $2.19 a pound yesterday - and a head of lettuce was $1.98 .. when your food money is going in your gas tank, it forces some folks to eat what's cheap, and that's usually what's not good for ya (hot dogs, mac & cheese, yada yada yada) ... and when fast food joints have $1 menus, it's cheaper to eat unhealthily out than to eat healthy at home. A no-win situation for alot of us.

Now .... I gotta go see if there's any of that coconut creme pie left from yesterday ............... (kiddin') !


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