Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahoy Me Hearties...

Well blow me down! Today, Septembree 19 be talk like a pirate day! Arrrr!

I neregot into th' pirate thin' until I saw Johnny Depp in Pirates o' th' Caribbean. I didna think I could love a man who looks like he hasn't bathed in a year an' wears more eyeliner than me, but aye I do! That sea dog shivers me timbers!

So I want ye t' spend th' tide talkin' t' yer loved ones like this. 'Tis will surely annoy th' heck ou' o' them.

I best be shippin'out ye lily-livered landlubbers!
Time t' get t' stitchin' up me Humble Arts dollie.
Arrrggghhhh! I'll keep ye posted...

Aye, I also want t' thank Brenda of Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe for gi'in' me this Kreativ Blogger award. Aye, me parrot concurs.
Thanks my matey, me truly appreciates it, gar!


tj said...

...*gack!*giggle*snort*...Karin you kill me! If I had a nickel for everytime I come here and say that, well, I'd be ;o)

...I couldn't talk pirate if you pushed me onto the plank so I'll leave that to you and um, oooo, whew!, uh, Johnny Depp. Is that a fine speciman or what?! lol...

...Have a great weekend!

...Blessings ahoy!(that's as good as it gets)... :o)

Tina said...

Yo Ho! me hearty. I too learned today is talk like a pirate day. I'm failing miserably.
Glad your picking up the slack for us landlubbers.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

gosh it's even hard to read it..let alone talk like it.. you are too funny...have a great the little biggy goat with find the greatest photos...:)

Cookie said...

Ha! you got me talking to myself now trying to be a pirate!

Rachael Kinnison said...

Me seconds TJ up there! LOLOLOLOL
If there was an award for A NUMERO UNO BESTEST BLOG IN THE UNIVERSE........... ID give it to Y*O*U* Karin!

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