Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Cow Game...

I remember as a young'un when our family would take a Sunday drive or better yet go on vacation, we'd play the Cow Game. We'd travel the roads and the first one to see a cow and blurt out the word "cow" got a point for it.

I guess it was similar to the "Slug Bug Game" (remember?) but no bodily harm was involved.
My sister was bigger than me and had a mean right jab. I never did like that game but she did.
To this day, I still flinch when I see a VW Beetle.

In honor of the Cow Game, I'm workin' on a mama cow and her baby.

A point for me...
:> )


Dogpatch Primitives said...

Well, being from the was the slug bug game for us! My kids loved playing it, and their poor arms were always bruised up as they showed no mercy!

I can't wait to see where these cows are gonna end up, as I've got to have make the BEST cows!

Tina said...

Oh I remember slug bug!!
and at night when we were traveling it was a slap if you saw a car with only one head light.
Or something like that.

Like the cows you made alot.


Pea said...

I loved slug bug. My daughter was about 6 1/2 months old and said sug bug boo. we knew then she would never shut up and that was the start of it all. LOL
Never played the cow thing and my folks tried not to bring up anything from their farm days except the I walked 20 miles and so on. LOL
What a loot from Patty! WOW! I would love to have a Dog patch original. Maybe some day if the Lord decides to bless me so.
Have a wonderful day! Gotta go find a cow. LOL

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