Monday, October 13, 2008

All Work And No Play...

Makes Santa a dull boy.

What does Santa do to get away from the monotony of the North Pole?

He plays in a pile of leaves neked as a jaybird. I bet that Santa suit can be quite restrictin'.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend playin' in leaves without a stitch on though. But come to think of it, I reckon it could be quite liberatin'.

Nah, I can't imagine gettin' a rash or a bug bite where the sun don't shine.

I'd better get him out of there and ready for the November Humble Arts.

I'll keep ya posted...


Doreen said... Santa in the leaves :)


Laura said...

You better put a better lock on your door. Your critter keep gettin out naked ! You better put Santa on the naughty list !!

Tina said...

My hubby used to work in a nursing home where one of the ladies would escape naked occassionally. Maybe Santa is just gettin' up there and needs better supervision.

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