Friday, October 24, 2008

A Sneak Peek...

At my Humble Arts offerins' for November 1st.

Sorry, this is all you're gettin' for now...

But I promise, I'll show them both soon.

So whooooooo are they???

Only me, Roger and Pete know.

(That's Daltrey and Townshend for you young'uns)

:> )


Char said...

You big tease!....sticking tounge out with raspberries.....hehehehehehehe

Doreen said... tease...well, I can tell they are wonderful..can't wait to see the front!!!


Laura said...

HEY !! ... Ok guess we have to wait . I'm sure they are FAB! Love the cow at the top !

By the way show did well Thanks for the well wishes !!

Cookie said...

I could have sworn I left a post here earlier today, but it evaporated in thin air.
Anyway, what a fun uplift to your blog! the cow is totally you... and now, i'm waiting for these two to about-face ! c'mon goob, dont keep us waiting ♥

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