Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What The??!!!

I couldn't believe my peepers!! Heck, it can't snow yet, I'm still rakin' up leaves!!

Mr. Pumpkin wasn't too thrilled either.


He lookin' awfully tired. (Could it be because of the mainstream media biased coverage of our national election?)

I may complain about the early snowfall...

But it sure is pretty.

Hmmm... I should design a shovel/rake combo and call it a "Shrake."
Hey! I might be on to somethin'!!
Maybe Billy Mays will back me.
:> )


Char said...

That snow sure is purdy...glad you have it and not me!!!...hehehehehehehe

Laura said...

I wasn't to thrilled this morning either !! I say it every year that I'm moving when the white stuff comes , and here I stay .
You are right it is pretty !and Christmas isn't the same without! keep warm .

Doreen said...

Dont have Billy Mays...he talks wayyy tooo loud!!!!

We have snow tooo...Yeahhh..I love it!!! IT's freezing out right now though...27..and it feels like less than that..brrrrr..

Stay warm my friend.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow it sure is pretty..but not in october...I remember one halloween trick or treating in the snow as a kid in Utah...didn't stop us..just took longer..and it was cold..but as a kid who noticed it..take care and stay warm...:)

Cookie said...

Just wanted to let Peanuts faithful friends know that she is without power until possibly Saturday. I know she has a generator plugged in and running the frig / freezer so they dont lose all of their food, but please keep her in your prayers. Even their water is run with an electric pump, so she is living the life of a Pioneer Peanut for a few days!
I'm praying you get the juice back on soon, Goob !!

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