Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Came Early...

As I was loadin' firewood, I saw the DHL truck pulled off the side of our road. I thought "Could he be deliverin' somethin' here??!!" Sure enough, he was!

**Gasp**The return address was from my very dear friend (and favorite Goober) Cookie of Curd-and-Whey!!!!

I immediately whisked the box into the house grabbin' the closest sharp object to cut through the packin' tape, rememberin' how my choppers didn't do a very good job the last time around.

As I ripped into the box like a monkey on a cupcake (I know I use that expression often but its quite accurate), I found ALL THIS!!!

Would ya look at this bundle of sweetness!!! Her name is "Sugar."

That wonderful peace banner was made by our dear Humble Arts sister Joyce of Everydaysies!

I was so overwhelmed, I bawled my eyes out. After about an hour of waterworks (and lookin' like Alice Cooper); I composed myself long enough to call and thank her.

She's so adorable I have been carryin' her around the house with me. She's quite chatty.

Check out her lil' granny boots! (I had a pair just like 'em back in the 80's.)

Goob, thank you so very much!!!

:> )


Laura said...

what a wonderful surprise for you ! See that is the true meaning of the season,it is nice to see .

p.s. Lets band together and save our Christmas traditions.Karin check out my blog and see what I mean. I did some venting lol !! :>}

Cookie said...

you are so so welcome goob, you are a treasure to me!

I think Sugar is my favorite dolly ever and I really hoped she would bring some joy to you! ♥

Glad she made it safe and sound... fortunately for you, she loves snow!

JeanM said...

Adorable and love the boots!

Linda said...

Karin, you sure did hit the Jackpot with all those Wonderful goodies!

I left a blog award for you over on my blog so when you get a chance pop on over and grab it up! I just Love reading your blog!

Take care and enjoy the weekend!

FairHaven said...

Oh,she's awesome,I love her!Love your site,also,great pics.Francie

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I would love to see "alice Cooper" you nut..but she sure is purrty..what a great friend..I would be your brunette alice dog story of the glove is pretty funny..are all weiner dogs like that? or just yours.....I like the homeless holey could totally start a new trend...just a thought..:)

Janelle said...

Oh I saw Sugar when Cookie put her on her blog.
I didn't know it was YOU that was about to receive that precious lil thing!


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