Saturday, December 6, 2008

Doin' Daddy Proud...

This time of year I can't help but reminisce about my wonderful childhood Christmas memories with daddy. His favorite Christmas song was Burl Ive's "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas."

He loved outdoor Christmas decorations and was in charge of decoratin' the outside of our home with the supervision of my mama, of course.

Even if it were a blizzard; he'd be out there stringin' lights, settin' up spot lights and strategically placin' all the decorations.

We had those cute plastic lighted soldiers (remember them?), a ladder up the side of our house with Santa at the top near the chimney and even a seven foot caroling angel which daddy made out of wood.

But what everyone remembers most were the huge letters he also made of wood. They went across the length of our fence and spelled the word "Greetings.".

Mama saved those letters and asked if I would like to have them. I was thrilled!! I had the perfect spot for 'em on our ol' barn!

Bein' over thirty years old they were in rough shape so I spent yesterday givin' them some TLC and repainted them.

This afternoon, my wonderful (and thankfully unafraid of heights) hubs was in charge of decoratin' the outside of our property with my supervision, of course. (Are we seein' a pattern here?)

I couldn't help but get emotional once I saw them in place. Hopefully daddy can see them from Heaven and is smilin' while listenin' to Burl sing.

Merry Christmas Daddy...
:> )


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Your Greetings banner is absolutely wonderful... It looks so spectacular on that barn..
would make a neat Christmas card !

Thanks for sharing !

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Morning Peanut
I agree with the above poster. Make christmas cards from this one! How lucky you are that your mom saved some of your dad's handiwork. Love it! Suits you to a T

Doreen said...

Morning P. I love the wooden letters and your wonderful Christmas memories.

Remember when we were young and we always had soooo much snow at Christmas time...and during the month of December for that matter...ohhhhh....I wish It was still like that now.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your big fits perfectly on your barn!!! thanks for the wonderful memories..Hey I need your mailing address...don't ask just give...have a good one...
Love ya,
Gina :)

Cookie said...

Now, how did you ever get it so perfectly staight and centered? It looks absolutely wonderful and even better yet that your daddy made it! ♥

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Awesome! They are fantastic, love the wreath too.~~Pam

Jan said...

Oh, those are just wonderful! No wonder you have great memories. I'm sure your Daddy is so proud!
~ Jan ~

Kristen said...

You remind me so much of myself and my Dad, mine died 9 years ago and I can't seem to have a Christmas the same ever since, I miss him a lot and he held our family together, Thanks for making memories again for me come back to life. Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

LOVE IT! good for hubby to do that.
I'm so happy you have such wonderful Christmas memories!

Jennifer B. said...

I love that barn!!!! What a great old barn and the letters just look perfect! Your pops is smiling down on you!!!

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