Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Fun Time Was Had By All On Christmas Eve UNTIL...

We came home to NO electricity!! What the??!! This is the second time in a few months this has happened!

Have you ever tried gettin' into your house at night when its pitch black? Let me tell ya even when you think you know your home inside and out, (trust me) ya don't. Heck, I tripped over just about everythin' I could have tryin' to get up the stairs. I put Chevy Chase and Dick Van Dyke to shame. Then our very own "Tasmanian Devil" Gracie was growlin' at me when I stumbled through the door. She must have thought I was a clumsy burglar.

I know I always say this but thank the good Lord above for wood stoves! Not only did they keep us warm they gave us much needed light. Man, I don't know how those folks did it back in the old days before electricity. But I reckon they had black and blue shins from tryin' to maneuver around in the dark.

Prior to the unwelcomed power outage we had a wonderful time at mama's. We had a delicious Polish dinner then engaged in gift givin'.

Oh and guess what?? This mornin', there was a gift under the tree for me from my lil' pork rind Hannah.

Look what it was...

Thank you Hannah!!
I have officially removed you from my sh*t list.
:> )


Sherry's Cabin said...

Merry Christmas to all the family! I hope it was full of blessings. I love Hannah's present to you, and I'm glad she's off the list for a day or two!

Dixie Redmond said...

Peanut - they didn't have black and blue shins because they usually went to bed at dusk or they had those ol' whale oil lamps. Hope you get your juice soon.

I'm thinking about getting a gas insert for the fireplace which works very poorly so we can have a source for heat. I hear they're pretty good.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

we had no power for 7 hours on monday...we thought here we go...lets see how long it will be this time..especially since the storm on saturday..but it came back on...and on the same day figure...we lost power on christmas about 4 years we cooked everything on the grill had the neighbors over and played by lantern was fun...and yes thank goodness for woodstoves..glad to hear a great time was had by all...and that your puppy is on your good list now...:)

Cookie said...

haha... that Hannah knows how to get on mama's good list ♥

Karen said...

Wow, how awful....but so glad everything turned out okay. This just makes for good memories.
Glad you were able to stay warm though!

Pea said...

Oh I got such a giggle from your post. The kind that brings back memories... LOL OH I am with you on the wood stove and have Thanked the GOOD LORD for me being born in the day and age and not the ones my Grandparents had. ACK!
Hope your NEW YEAR is the BEST EVER!

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