Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Not Available In Stores..."

Have ya seen some of these commercials?

Since the T.V. remote is out of reach, I have no choice but to watch them as I'm pedalin' on my exercise bike first thing in the mornin'.

I'm sure some of these products are fine but their advertisin' is "slightly" embellished to say the least.
So please don't get your wears in a wad if you love these products. I'm just havin' a lil' fun. And as my mama would say, "Its just my opinion and everyone is entitled to it."

Let's take for example the "Pedipaws Nail Trimmer." When I first saw it I thought, "Boy, this is great!" But as I watched, I noticed at no time is the thing actually on. They are rollin' away on the nails of that cute pooch but its not spinnin'. No wonder the dog doesn't flinch.

Can you see my hubs holdin' Gracie down with this contraption?
Heck, I doubt any critter is goin' to allow you to roll motorized sandpaper across their tootsies unless you've hit 'em with a tranquilizer dart first.

Next, there's the "Tweeze Hair Remover." Mind you, I'm not even lookin' at the product. I'm lookin' at the poor gal who allowed herself to be seen on national television with whiskers like Slowpoke Rodriguez.
Sorry, but there is no amount of money that could get me to show any of my unwanted week old chin stragglers like that.

How about the "Ped Egg" foot file?
If you're scrapin' that much dead skin off any part of your body, I'm gettin' you a sandblaster for Christmas.
My gag reflex kicks in every time I see the sweet gal empty that egg full of scaly epidermis into the trash. I admit my heels are rough and dry, but I'm a lil' apprehensive about usin' a cheese grater on them.

I recently saw the "SpinLash" commercial. Its mascara with a brush that spins. I guess it saves you from all that wrist breakin' action you suffer when twirlin' on your mascara.
All I have to say is put that $19.99 (+$9.99 S&H) back in your pocket and put it towards the bridge I want to sell you.

:> )


Kristen said...

I have to admit, I bought the Pedegg and it works, OMG, did I say that????? No really I get rough feet in winter, I can't say any more..... it sounds just plain nasty but what do you think those Pedi's do??? THat to me sounds even worse, EWE, those poor people that have to scrub your feet and legs at the nail salon.

Phillane E'lee said...

OMG I am with you!! Gag at some think, what show chin hair huh nope and well buy this and that. nope again. LOL you are too funny.
Have a good one my friend

tattered 'n torn prims said...

I'm not shavin' or tweezin' or pluckin' or pullin' on my chin hair.....no sir....I'm joinin' the circus as the bearded lady!!! And another thing.....could you use the pedegg on your dog's toenails???????? tee hee hee Thanks for the chuckles!!


Karen said...

Again, you made me laugh out loud....do you write for a newspaper...if not you should! Or write a book - it would sell. I'D BUY IT!

Tina said...

You are so funny. By the way, the only reason I haven't bought a ped egg is cause I'm one of those that really does need a sandblaster. I must admit. teehee
I get a kick out of the ShamWow commercial.

Janelle said...

The girls that will do commercials showing their facial hair are the same ones that do the commercials about hemmrhoids and periods...
My butt itches and I'm bleedin all over the place, so I use THESE products and one makes me have a Happy Period, and the other makes me smile coz I'm clean and fresh...

OMG I just can't imagine....

Raggedy Angel said...

You are funny....but I do have a ped egg...got it walmart...cause I have an "ugly" foot that requires it...it is gross, but works.
I also have the pedipaws...it works great on my kitty....his nails were like fish hooks...getting caught on everything! Does not work as well on dogs...I give them alot of treats in the process...and I also got it at Walmart...LOL

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh Peanut.. I didn't know that the Golden Gate bridge was for sale and that you owned it..wow ~ LOL..

I am passing along two awards for you.. you can copy and paste and add the text below the Proximidade award to your blog. and then pass them on..

Your blog and comments make my day and make me smile..

Hugs .. and come and get this snow ..we are having a white out.. oh yea ! yesterday it was freezing rain ..

Susan said...

This is one of your funniest posts yet. I am also somewhat freaked out by these particular commercials, but for some reason I want to try the products anyway. You know, ewww, yech, I want that, I must have that... I'm afraid they would just break and I would have to call Billy Mays to use that "special bonding agent" to put them back together.

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