Saturday, February 21, 2009

You Know You're Older Than Dirt When...

You hit the local antique shops and you see stuff from your childhood.

Hubs and I headed south about 15 minutes from us to Bouckville, New York. Some of you may know about this lil' place. It's famous for their yearly antique show every August. But with it bein' the end of February, it was like a morgue in these parts.

We visited a few of the antique shops that were open then headed to Westmoreland, New York to the antique mall.

There's somethin' really wonderful about walkin' among all that old stuff. I smiled the whole time we were there.
Sure there was a lot of "crap", but it was somebody's "crap" once. So it must be the history behind it that makes me grin.

I was thrilled when I saw the old Pepsi promotional Looney Tunes drinkin' glasses! It brought me right back to eatin' at the local Carrol's hamburger joint when I was a kid. (It became Burger King)

Man, I waited impatiently each week for the new character glass to arrive.
I remember they would tease ya with a poster of what character would be on the followin' week's glass. Oooh, the excitement! My favorite was the Speedy Gonzalas glass.

I had the whole set back then. Wish I had them now. Heck, I would never part with them if I did. I would use 'em too. But instead of drinkin' Pepsi, I'd drink my Metamucil.
Yep, I'm old.
:> )


Diana said...

LOL ahh the meories...I got the glasses at a different burger place in Ohio when I was a kid LOL.We must be around the same age..LOL Metamucil...I haven't resorted to that yet ..YET!!

Karen said...

LOL yes, it is so full of memories when one journies through an Antiques mall! My husband and I are forever saying 'Oh, I remember one of these'
You really do feel old when you leave these places...and a tad dusty! lol

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