Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm A Winner...

Look what was in the mail for me yesterday!!

Susan of A Walk In The Park was kind enough to give a wonderful heart to all who signed up for her Valentine Giveaway!! YaY!

Its made from polymer clay. Its so beautifully detailed, I thought it was painted! Amazin'!

It came with a notecard with her kitty design! Positively purrrrfect!

Susan, is an extremely talented artist! You need to scoot on over to her blog and check out her fabulous pillows too, they are awesome!

Thank you again Susan!

(Heck, this was better than playin' Plinko!)
:> )


Diana said...

WTG How pretty is that heart??

Cookie said...

Always fun to get something in the mail and this is just the sweetest!!

How lucky for you, Goob - ya lucky duck ♥

Karen said...

This didn't go through for me the first time so if you are getting a duplicate of this post delete one! lol

The heart is beaufitul and what a talented lady. Imagine giving one to each comment!

It was nice seeing you visit my blog this morning - I love seeing your perky little face pop up in the comment box!


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