Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tis' The Season...

I wish it were Christmas.

Nope. Tis' the season to get sick. It got me. I went all winter without a sniffle, but today I woke up feelin' like h*ll.

The body aches, watery eyes, post nasal drip with the sore throat and plugged nose that is only on one side. Man, I hate that. Feelin' like ya have to sneeze but you can't. Man, I hate that even more. Sigh.

Hubs did everythin' but wear garlic around his neck when I told him I wasn't feelin' well this mornin'. But I'm sure he'll come home wearin' some. Actually, he may come home in a plastic bubble. He can roll around the house germ free and get his exercise at the same time.

So for now I'll mope my way to the couch, curl up into a ball, have three dogs pile on me (because no matter where I go I can't escape them) and feel sorry for myself.

If you don't hear from me, you know why.
:> (


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Peanut..Please get better soon... Warm up the chicken noodle soup, drink plenty of orange juice, get out the trusty ol Vick's Salve...

Maybe you can borrow some of those new movies from the Prime Minister..while you are lying on the couch ..may as well watch a few movies !

I have been trying to avoid the news the last few days.. it has been making me violently physically ill..( well, since January ) So I didn't quite hear what the whole story was about with Britain... and I am sure there will a lot worse incidents for us to deal with within the next four years, also !
The only unbiased and truthful news to listen to is Fox News, by the way ..

From what I have been hearing and seeing on the news, though, it seems like they would rather be friends with our enemies... so what is really going on ???

Peanut... I hope you feel better soon !!!


Susan said...

Peanut, I hope this doesn't last too long. Sounds like a virus. I hope it's not that new fangled computer virus that I keep hearing about. I heard it's hard to get rid of. Take care, Susan

Diana said...

Hope you feel better and are back to your ol self real soon, being sick just plain sucks..Warm thoughts to you..

eeekj35 said...

This works like a charm. Lather the Vicks on the bottoms of your feet and put on socks (at bedtime). you will not have trouble breathing and you won't cough. I teach 2nd grade. I get a lot of stuffiness and the Vicks always works! Hope you get better soon! Kim

bluejeanprimitives said...

Awww... get better soon sweetie. If I were close I'd bring you 7-up and a new coloring book and new crayola's!

I like the vicks on the feet thing! Sounds like a great tip.. thanks!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh sister I got that on February 28th almost 8 days after my DH..it sucks..I finally today feel much better..but I didn't have the aches but my nose sure gave me a run for my money...thickest goop you ever saw and it just kept coming..Take care of yourself and drink lots of liquid and take your Vitamin C. you have your little ones to keep you company...:)

Bittersweet Pastimes said...

Oh Peanut, I'm so sorry you're feeling under the weather. Take care of yourself and don't pop hubbies bubble. There's nothing worse than a sick hubby. ~Deb

The Burlap Owl said...

Oh poor thing...I know exactly how you feel. I am just recovering myself!
Take lotsa meds and plenty naps!

Take Care,

Laura said...

Oh no ,see you cursed yourself ,from when we talked on the phone..lol !
I hope you feel better soon ,mine lasted a week so maybe you'll luck out,and it will be quick .Keep warm and be well :>)

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Hey there -

Hope you're feeling better. I think I caught the same thing. Horrible cold. I'm just praying that my kids and hubby don't get it.

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