Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Get Mad...

Get even.

He, err I mean she will be available on my Countryfolk Keepsakes website soon.

(My hubs better get crackin' on diggin' those holes for the blueberry bushes or he's next.)

:> )


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh my goodness!!! He-She looks perfectly comfortable as a gal!!! tee hee hee!! That is just the cutest frog babe I've ever seen!!!

Look out Mr. Peanut!!! snip, snip, snip!!! :O)


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

You sure know how to put a smile on my face.
Always blessed

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Yep, Peanut,
blackberry bushes are a tad thorny !

Adorable froggy gal !

I hear tell that potassium is good for blueberry bushes... feed them bananas ! :o)
Oh , and when they are ripe for the pickin... are you going to make a blueberry pie ? If so.....

Hugs to you !

Phillane E'lee said...

Yep, good old nana's for the blue berries.
For the strawberries mushroom compost makes the sweetest, biggest strawberries you ever had. Daddy always planted them and potato's in tires. He said that helped. He had a green hand not just thumb.

DesignsByEleasa said...

I love this froggy! Everything looks great Karin, thank you again so much for everything, enjoy your weekend!! :)

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