Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy As A Beaver...

And I do mean that literally.

It looks like we have some new neighbors.

As I was about to hop on the towpath behind our property I saw this.

They dammed it up.

Man, I can't believe how fast they are at buildin'.
They make those folks on Extreme Makeover Home Edition look like a bunch of sissies.

Look how their lil' choppers went to town.

I had a funny feelin' they were doin' construction elsewhere. So I moseyed on down to our lock and sure enough...
"Dam" they're good.

Finally, here's a peek at how we're usin' a lil' of the fieldstone from the ol' barn.

Enjoy your weekend folks!
:> )


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I am loving that did a nice job..and you are right about the are a nut and I love ya for it..have a wonderful weekend..:)

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Can I borrow those buzy beavers? I got some wood they can chop and some chores around the house too! LOL! Love what you did with the flag stone. Very nice.



Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Love what you did with the fieldstone. You must be watching and learning from the beavers, dearie! You can certainly get work done, too! Makes me tired just reading.

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