Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Sunday Mornin'...

It's goin' to be a lovely day.

Wishin' you a lovely day too.
:> )


Susan said...

Your yard looks great. Love the rooster. Happy Sunday to you.

Diana said...

OOOH Peanut!!! I just LOVE that rooster!! and such a beautiful yard...sigh, all I have in my yard is dirt and seed LOL..tomorrow it is supposed to be 30s here in my neck of the woods!! June 1st and 30degree weather, how crazy!
enjoy your day! Diana

kat449 said...

ohhhh Peanut...Tell me why that gorgeous milk can isnt sportin a primtive painted message of yours...OR I think I visualize a big olde checkerboard with a crow or willow trees or SUMPTHIN!!!!Are ya slippin my prim sister??? LOL
Your yard is magazine perfect. I was so inspired I made one of my own signs that states.
"May all our weeds be wildflowers" so now I think of you everytime Im on the deck. Your signs are awesome...
Loves ya,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Why I hope you have a glorious day too..xoxoxooxo
Gina :)

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Good afternoon, Peanut !

Yes, a lovely day to you too !
Your yard is so pretty... our yard is a lost cause !
Love that rooster ! I noticed a daisy in bloom yesterday while I was walking.
We may get a frost here tonight! Tis Pennsylvania !

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