Monday, May 4, 2009


Growin' up I was definitely a girly-girl and my older sister was the tom-boy.

As I was playin' house and hangin' my freshly laundered dollie clothes on the clothesline daddy strung for me, she was climbin' trees and chewin' the toes off my dollies. (Yeah, and I'm the "odd" one?)

But there was one toy I couldn't live without.
A toy that was not for the faint of heart.
It was fast...
It was wild...
It was...

A Krazy Kar! Oh man how I loved that thing!
Heck, I would go flyin' all over the place. I had the need for speed and our driveway was never long enough!

I'll tell you what... If I could get my mitts on one of these babies; I would slap a license plate on it, cram myself in and off to the grocery store I would go.

So what was your favorite toy?
Inquirin' minds want to know.
:> )


Karen said...

LOL, well that brought back memories not of me but of our boys flying down our hill....yes, the hill and guess what? One day the DADDY'S got a race going on them along with the Big Wheel and Green Machines...the need for speed is always there no matter what age.
Loved your post.

Tina said...

Remember, green machines? I loved ours. I loved the sound of those plastic wheels running over the concrete drive and spinning out in the gravel at the end. fun!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Cute post, Peanut !

My favorite toy... well, way back when... things were a little different for a lot of children... not as many toys as some children have today. We weren't as spoiled.. but I would have to say a box of new crayons and a coloring book and or a new tablet. And I liked my little potholder weaving thing a ma jig... guess creativity was always in my blood.

Ah, the beaver.... it's our school mascot for the DuBois Area.. we have them around here, too !


Susan said...

We were the only nieces and nephew so we were quite spoiled in the toy area. I loved dolls, I had dolls that rolled their heads, dolls that kissed, dolls that talked, beauty shop dolls, baby dolls, bride dolls and of course, all my Barbies. I still have dolls and sometimes play with them. My sister was the tomboy also, but she was the mad scientist type and set her curtains on fire with an alcohol burner from her chemistry set. BTW, the visual of you crammed into that little vehicle is burned onto my retinas. Thanks for the giggle. Susan

Cookie said...

haha... these look dangerous! My favorite toy was a pair of stilts my dad made me - I would go everywhere on those things and actually got on a friends pair a few years back... just like riding a bike, once you got it, you "got it!" ♥

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well I can't recall my favorite toy but I knew by your blog title what music I would be you know i have this album..I would love to see you going to the grocery store in this thing..oh Iam too are a goof ball.I know I tell you this everytime..but I mean it always always make me laugh and I love ya for it...have a wonderful week..:)

tattered 'n torn prims said...

You were a daredevil!!! I didn't even dare a bike after the incident with that row of shrubs!! I did enjoy a good tree long as it wasn't too high....and kickball or freeze tag!! Oh those were the days huh!!!

That thing looks like a blast on wheels!!! And.....I think I'd pay to see you take that ride to the grocery store!!! LOL!!

Michelle said...

Great post! That thing looks fun!!! I had my good old fashioned Big Wheel that was my favorite ride....and the bike that my parents dug out of the alley....but....they slapped a Brand Spankin New Banana Seat with American Flags plastered all over it! Those were my two favorite rides. :0)


Rachael Kinnison said...

Ha! hi ya Peanut! hmmm my favorite toy.....this is a good question. I guess my favorite toy, was my little by-lo baby doll, and YES, I STILL have her! I also really liked the silly plastic cups that were on strings, that you walked around on, while holding the ropes....always wanted those, but ma & pa never would let me have!
I actually saw some in one of those old fashioned toy dealer catalogues last year...thought~ HEY! I will get me some of those!!! And then I thought~ ya~ how am I going to explain how I fell and broke my behind on guess I will go my whole life without a set
xoxoxo rachael

twinklescrapbooks said...

My favorite toy was the sit n spin! Or the Fisher Price little people! :)

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