Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Sunshine On My Shoulders...

Makes me sunburn.
Sunshine in my eyes, can make me blind."

I went for a bike ride today.

Man, the weather has been gorgeous but the black flies are horrible and are out in full force!
You folks in the rural Northeast know what I'm talkin' about.

These teeny black bugs latch on and draw so much blood, even Dracula would wave you off and say he's had enough.
If ya look at one under a microscope, you'll see it has a lil' widow's peak and wears a black cape lined in red satin.

Then I came across this lyin' in the middle of the towpath.

Holy Cow! It was longer than my size 8.5 hoof!

Either Bam-Bam lost one of his drumsticks or a wild coydog had a delicious dinner.
My guess is the latter. He's probably dabbin' the corners of his mouth with a napkin right about now.
(I've seen my mama clean a Buffalo style chicken wing with one bite just like that.)
:> )


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you nut...I would have skedaddled home as quick as my legs/bike would carry me..beautiful far do you ride on your rides?

ohiofarmgirl said...

Never heard of these kinds of flies but it scares me!!! We were digging a little pond today that I bought at Lowes so I guess I am too tired to do my normal 3 mile walk.
Looks pretty though. Dianntha

Susan said...

Man, that baby is licked clean. I have not had the occasion to experience the biting of said vampire bugs and for that I am glad. I am tormented by bees everywhere I go. Perhaps we'uns are just too sweet. Also, if I had to ride a bike, it would probably be the end of me.

kat449 said...

Ok, Ill bite...(I just wont suck any bones clean) but what is a coydog????
Hi silly girl..I was waiting to see a sunburn not a neked bone....
Hope all is well. i miss ya & think of ya often.
Blessings, ((( CoyKat)))

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Peanut..
Yep.. I know what you are talking about with the black flies.. they just won't leave you alone.. and then I have those pesky horse flies around with the dairy cows in the nearby farms.. and
the horse flies follow me down the road when I am walking like a state cop after a teenager that's broke the speed limit..

Those coyotes must have been mighty hungry.. It was probably a baby deer bone.

Have fun out in the sun !

Tina said...

Curious to find strange bones on the property....and I hate those black flies. I'm sure they are necessary for some purpose they were created, but just like other little biters, I can do without them.

Cookie said...

all i can say is ... it's a good thing it's not attached to a hip!!

Diana said...

Beautiful!!! OOOH how I hate those black flies, they are just popping out here on my side of the state!!

LOL when I saw that bone, thought for sure you were gonna say that was leftover from the black flies!!! LOL..

Diana said...

Black flies are those itsy bitsy little black bugs, almost look like gnats, but they bite!! ICK!

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