Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Am Loved...

I am hated, I am spit on, I am burned.
Regardless, I am proud of my country and her people.
They say that love is the greatest gift but the true greatest gift is FREEDOM.
May my country and her people always have this great gift.
I ask the blessing of God to be with my people now and forever.
~ Jackie Atwell

Happy Flag Day
Fly your American flag proudly.
:> )


Karen said...

Don't remember enjoying a post more! LOL
I'm always commenting on the TV commercials about these 'aids' that are advertised.
I'm in awe of the one with the two bathtubs in the middle of a field and him and her in each of them and then they reach out and touch hands....WHAT IS THAT!!!!!
Now how many of us get to run off to a field when the moment 'arrises'! LOL
THANKS FOR THE GIGGLES! I can always count on you for a great giggle.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

mines been up since memorial day...I love hanging my flag!!! have a great rest of the weekend..:)

Diana said...

God Bless THE USA, and I am so glad I live always, I love your thoughts, and agree..My flags have been up since Memorial Day too, we don't have a pole up yet, but I have small ones in my flower pots..Have a GREAT Sunday!!

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