Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just When I Thought I've Seen Everythin'...

I wanted to make garlic dip for a gatherin' with friends later today when I realized I forgot to pick up some sour cream at the grocery store.
So I hopped in the car and drove to the local gas station/convenience store in the wee, podunk next town over.

As I walked up to the cashier, I literally did a double take. Settin' right there on the counter next to the Dentyne gum display were ExtenZe herbal male enhancement pills! If ya don't know what they are, Google it. But the title should give you a clue.

"You've got to be kiddin' me??!!" I blurted out while laughin' and shakin' my head in total disbelief.
I guess those are for that male impulse buyer who wants to feel a lil' spring in his step after gassin' up his Ford F150.

Why are so many men obsessed with this topic? You know it had to be a man who invented this stuff because a woman would have come up with somethin' much, much better...
Like "Honey-Do" pills.

Not only would men take out the garbage, kill all the big spiders in the kitchen, mow the lawn, open our car door, unclog the bathtub drain, put their dirty clothes in the hamper and trim the hedges... They would get a lot "luckier" too.
:> )


Anonymous said...

LOL! Good story. I don't know that men ARE obsessed with sexual performance, rather they think WE are. Hence the aids-to-luv.....good golly, bring back the days of kept-behind-the-counter and plain brown wrapper!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

boy you hit the nail on the pun love those commericals on tv about male enhancement..they have that 50's flair and the big smile on that guys face..they crack me are such a hoot..I always love coming to your blog for my laughs..have a wonderful is another dip recipe if you love avacodos..take 3-4 avacados some salsa (eyeball it) and some garlic mix it all up..oh my is good.they will call you "Garlica"...yummmm!!!

Susan said...

It would have been really funny if you had gone into an elaborate fake coughing fit, flinging your arms all about and knocked the display behind the counter. Sheesh. I think your idea is great, let us know when they reach the shelves!

my word verification is precked. Hmmm.

Snugglebug Blessings said...

I died laughing when I read this Peanut. The minute you hear "honey do pills" are invented please contact me. Heck send out a notice nationwide. If you create them, you and your great, great, great grandchildren will never, ever have to work again. LOL!



tattered 'n torn prims said...

"WOOD" n't that be convenient for "BOB" to pick "UP" his "PICK ME UP" pills after filling up the ol' chevy!!! I think that's mighty nice.......and "WOOD" love to see the faces of those brave enough to purchase!!! tee hee hee!!!

If your pill recipe also enables men the ability to put the seat down on the toilet.....sign me up for a case!!!!

Thanks for the chuckles!!! This one really "MEASURED UP"!!!!


kat449 said...

or one that helps prevent em from bangin that dam spoon on the side of the ice cream bowl!!!!! Clink...clink...clink...PICK IT UP FOR HEAVENS SAKE! LOL
ALways leave here giggling...
loves ya silly girl.

Phillane E'lee said...

I always say to sometimes in crowds of men. If you wanna get some lovin, then do some suds*in. Meaning the fastest way to get lucky is either do the dishes, laundry or give the kids a bath by yourself. Works like a charm every time.
I would laugh at that too.

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