Monday, June 22, 2009

Remembering Daddy...

Many of you know I lost my daddy to lung cancer back in 1994.

I recently came across cancer awareness bracelets. I knew nothing about these bracelets but was so touched behind their meaning. Different colors symbolize different cancers.

Well, I had to have one to honor him and I knew just the person to make it for me.

Laura of Our Lady of Grace not only works with my hubs; she is a talented jewelry artist and a real sweetheart!

Today he came home from work and handed me a precious fabric bag. Inside was my beautiful sterling silver bracelet!

It's perfect and exactly what I wanted!!

If you want to honor a loved one you've lost to cancer or is a cancer survivor; these bracelets are a wonderful way to express your love for them.
I know first hand Laura will do a beautiful job too!

Thanks again Laura!! You're the best!
:> )


Cookie said...

What a beautiful bracelet, Goob ... and what a lovely way to remember someone you lost or someone who has won their battle with cancer.
You and I both know the heartbreak of losing a parent to cancer -
and Laura's work is so lovely! What a gorgeous accessory with so much meaning behind it!

I'm glad you shared this treasure, thanks buddy ♥

Anonymous said...

I lost my mum to cancer in 1996, my dad in 2004. One of the cons of small families; the World sure seems to get a lot lonelier when grandparents and parents are gone. That bracelet is a lovely memorial.


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Oh what a great thing to remember them by, love it. Going to check them out right now. Love that bracelet.

bayrayschild said...

Peanut, your bracelet is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

That is a sweet way express your love for your Dad.


Laura said...

Thank you for the kind words Karin,I'm thrilled you like it ,it looks good ! :0)

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