Sunday, September 6, 2009

Time To Vote...

Okay folks, TDIPT's Funniest Pets contest is up! So please scoot on over and vote. (On the right side column of TDIPT blog)

Now you know I'm a lil' bias about who I think should win and I'm hopin' you're in agreement with me.

I won't tell you which furbaby is mine, but I will tell you she's my lil' "Darling."

I do hope she wins because I won't have the heart to tell her she can't wear the TDIPT's sash and crown.
She's even been practicin' her wave in front of the mirror and is lookin' forward to ridin' on a float. Sigh.
:> )

1 comment:

Carol Roll said...

Hahaha she is a darling!!!

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