Saturday, February 13, 2010

Now THAT'S Amore...

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. To be quite honest, I've never gotten into it. Sure it's a great excuse to cram my face full of chocolates but heck, I can do that any day of the year, minus the 30 dollars for the heart shaped box. Roses are pretty, but 24 hours later they are limper than a wet noodle. So why bother?

Have you seem those silly Valentine's Day commercials for Pajam*grams or those Vermont T*ddy Bears? I can't help but laugh. The Pajam*gram's motto is "it's the gift guaranteed to get women to take their clothes off." Really? That's all there's to it, huh? Man, do guys buy into that scenario?

Do they really think if you give your gal a teddy bear she's gonna start slinkin' around the house with that come hither look?? Oh yeah that's right, it happens ALL the time. *cough*

C'mon guys, if you're lookin' for "that look" why don't ya try doin' the dishes or vacuumin'. How about scrubbin' the john or cleanin' up your trimmed whiskers you left in the bathroom sink four days ago.

Or you could try moppin' the floor, puttin' your dirty clothes IN the hamper instead of next to it or rememberin' to replace the TP roll instead of leavin' the empty cardboard tube.

THESE are the things you should be doin' to get lucky. And the true beauty of it all is it won't cost you a dime.

Although I must admit, the H00die F00tie Snuggle Suit looks quite cozy...

But you'd better pray that bowl of chili you ate for lunch doesn't kick in while you're wearin' one.

If you have to make a quick beeline to the bathroom, I can guarantee you're not goin' to able to drop your drawers fast enough. Heck, I bet Houdini couldn't get out of that thing in under 10 minutes.

Happy Valentine's Day Folks!!

:> )


Janet - underthewillow said...

yep the pajama gram commercial has been getting on my nerves and my eyes are sore from all the rollin'! I like teddy bears but that commercial is mighty grating too!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Susannah said...

Wow! That was a great post! Loved it!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh you make me giggle..but you hit the nail on the head..Pamper us once in a while and you might get somewhere with us...cause then we won't be so darned tired from doing all this the pjs and you were right again..could do it when I was younger..but not now..cause they would be in the wash..:)lol...TMI.... have a happy valentines day...:)

Susan said...

You are so funny. I remember having similar pj's when I was in high school. They had a back panel for quick access, similar to a union suit. Wonder if the Footie Hoodie has one? There often comes a stage in the relationship where even the love of your life isn't going to look like a hottie in this kind of garb. Save your money's all a marketing ploy.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Now how sexy are those!!! You know......if your into the energizer bunny....and can find your lady under all that.....Yea!!! NICE!!!

Happy Valentine's Day sister!!

tj said...

...Amen! My husband was just asking me days ago what I wanted for Valentine's Day and I really couldn't think of anything 'cept that he do some 'honey-dos' around here but I didn't say anything 'cause I think he was wanting to get off easy with the ol' flowers & candy trick. Well, yesterday I had just begun cleaning out the chicken house when he came out and helped me, and you know, that was the best Valentine's Day gift he could've given me! Silly I :o)

...Enjoy your Day of Love Karen! ;o)

...Blessings... :o)

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