Tuesday, June 22, 2010

King Of Pain...

Make that Queen of Pain.

Yep, I did this to my poor lil' pinkie the other day while mowin' around one of my hub's outdoor exercise contraptions! I smashed it between the lawnmower handle and a metal pipe.

Did you happen to hear that horrific, bellowin',
Janet Leigh-esque scream? Yes, that was me.

The pain was so bad and the curse words flowed so freely blamin' my hubs, I'm surprised his ears didn't spontaneously combust while at work. I think I even made up a few new swear words of my own.

So now I wait... Wait to see if I end up like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. Remember when his fingernail falls off??!!! Yikes!!! I get the willies just thinkin' about it!

As far as my hubs goes... He has another two weeks of fannin' and feedin' me grapes as I soak my pinkie in Epsom Salt.

:> )


Sheila said...

I can feel the pain just looking at it.
I think I heard some strange noises coming through the air waves-must have been those curse words you were making up! I'd have been doin' the p-p dance too!
When my hub does something like that to his finger he usually ends up drilling a little pin hole to let the pressure off-sounds awful I know but it helps. Good luck and enjoy your grapes and fanning ;-)

Janet - underthewillow said...

oh no! so sorry that happened! hopefully the nail will stay on yikes!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Ohhhh ouch...that turned purple quite fast didn't it!
Hope it just does the purple thing and not loose it.

bayrayschild said...

My Goodness that really looks like it made ya sing!
I hope the pain subsides and you're back to your regular duties soon.

Sending you a big boo-boo hug,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

man you did do a number on your pinkie..I wondered what that noise was the other day..;)

tattered 'n torn prims said...

YIKES!!! Hope you're "Feeling" better soon!! Geesh!! I'm thinking hubby owes ya big.....maybe say....diamonds and furs!!! :O)

Thought of you today.....and my heart smiled!! :O)


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Ouch ! Well, it does sorta match your pretty rings ! LOL

I can't believe your whole finger isn't swelled !

I have lost my little pinky nail and a tiny part of the tip my pinky when I fell on pavement once. Skinned it right off ! Talk about pain ~

the doctor told me my nail wouldn't grow back.. but thank the LORD, it did.

I hope your finger heals quickly !


Tina said...

Oh my dear. I hope it heals fast. I thought I heard something, a scream, then the birds flew out of the trees...a definite disturbance in the atmosphere. Now I know it was you.
sorry you are in pain. :(

Anonymous said...

I remember the song by The Police, of the same name. I'm sorry it translated onto your finger.

Carol Roll said...

Peanut! just reading bout it gives me the shivers tooo! Look at your tiny hand :) your a doll and hopefully by now your not feeling any soreness at all.

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