Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Perfect Day For A Four Mile Run...

Today, our tiny hamlet had our first annual Ruth Allen Memorial Run and Walk and hubs and I were more than happy to volunteer.

For it bein' a first time event, the turn out was great!

Here's the first runner. You can't see but he had the most awesome neon green color sneaks on!!

It was so nice to see familes participate. ♥

We were the Beaver Pond crew.
Unfortunately, Stan the Beaver didn't participate. But I did here some "woo-hoos" comin' from his den.

Thank goodness the only "casualty" we had was when this sweet girl's sneaker fell apart.
So off on the 4-wheeler she went.

These two gals were last but certainly not least!

A fun time was had by all...

I know Ruth was watchin' down on everyone with a big ol' smile on her sweet face!
RIP darlin'.
:> )


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! Well done to everyone there.

Ali x

tattered 'n torn prims said...

What a wonderful event!! YAY!!!:O)

Have a great Monday!!

BTW....LOVE the Bill O'Reilly hat!! :O) and yes!!! you are a great one!!

Susan said...

What a fun thing to be involved in. Loved the pic of you and hubby, too. Moral support is about all I could have added to this event. You are a pretty cool chick to help out. Glad everyone had fun.

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