Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 31st Is Tomorrow...

and besides it being Halloween, it's also update night on the Merc!!

I'll be offerin' Aversa the Maple Leaf. She's in the latest issue of "PRIMS" magazine.




So tomorrow night why not grab yourself a handful of Halloween candy and visit us on TDIPT Mercantile!
You can chomp on a Snickers bar and see all the wonderful offerings we have.
Chocolate and Primitives. It's doesn't get any better than that! Well... chocolate, primitives and Hugh Jackman feeding you that Snickers bar.
Yep, that would be better.
See you then!
:> )

1 comment:

Susan said...

Loved your entry in Prims so much that I took the liberty to base a piece of polymer clay artwork on her (for my own amusement only, of course). Oh by the way, before I saw his name in print, I referred to him as Huge Ackman. I had heard he was bigger than life and thought that was why they called him that. I ain't right.

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