Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Stumped...

and quite frankly that doesn't happen very often.

I'm in the process of trying to find a new light kitchen wall color and can't find a color I'm happy with.

I'll find a paint chip that I think looks fantastic, but when I buy a sample of the color it's like, "What the heck was I thinking?!"

I'm convinced it should be mandatory that all paint chip samples are no smaller than a 12" square. A lil' dinky two inch paint chip sample is ridiculous! Unless you're Tom Thumb and I'll bet dollars to donuts even he would pooh-pooh their microscopic size.

Here's what I've tried so far. Let me add, the color on the far right is the wall color I have now.


L-R: Ripe Wheat, (too khaki), Delightful Moon (matches my cabinets), Sesame (too orange) and Fudge Truffle. I also made the mistake of ordering a sample online through Home Depot. I won't even show you that one! Don't ever order paint samples online unless you have the actual chip color! Lordy, I went with what I saw on my computer screen. All I can say is, "YIKES!"

Now the Delightful Moon looks kind of nice. But its monochromatic and rather bright. (to me it is) I loved all the photos of other kitchens with this same look, but I'm not really diggin' it in my kitchen. Maybe it's too much the same color and I need to go lighter since my kitchen doesn't have a lot of natural light. Who knows??

I do know that I'm frustrated. Man I've never had a problem with picking out wall color... until now.

Hmmmm.... Maybe I should just wallpaper.
:> )


Never So Simple said...

I love rooms with color but when we moved here I left out the color. I went with off white walls and bright white trim. I figured I had enough stuff on the walls to add the color. Just a thought when you said lighter might be better.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Donna, that's what I'm thinking too! Heck, I have all kinds of stuff on my walls so why not go with off white? Truth be told, I've never had off white walls in my home. :> )

maria said...

I have been there too, but I brought a few samples color card like 10 or 12. Cut the color you wanted and tape them together for a 12" x 12' sample.
To the next one!

Penny said...

I am having trouble deciding on paint colors, as well.... There are far too many to choose from out there.
I'm hoping to pick a neutral color for all the walls and paint the trimwork in colors. We'll see if that actually happens!
Good luck to you with your decision -- I look forward to seeing what you end up with!

tj said...

...I know this sounds silly but I buy my interior paint from Walmart (did you know Sherwin Williams makes Walmart's paints?:o), anyway all our interior walls and ceilings are painted Country White. Now my trim and doors I buy Sherwin Williams expensive trim paint because it wears so well and goes on like a dream. :o)

...I'm lovin' Delightful Moon. Maybe the walls and your cabinets won't blend together as much as you think because your cabinets are aged & stressed aren't they? And your countertops are dark. Have you tried painting a swatch right up next to your cabinetry? That's a tough decision Karin, so glad it's you making it and not me. *giggle* ;o)

...Can't wait to see the finished results. You're kinda my lil' HGTV fix with all your home improvements. ;o)

...Blessings :o)

Maureen said...

My sister and I have had many long discussions about this exact topic.It IS hard to pick a paint color any more and if I hear one more person say it's only paint you can always re-do it I will scream! My achey back and carpal tunnel hands do not like to do let alone RE-do! There are too many choices within the color family and then they sneak pink and orange tints in my neutral tans which you don't really notice until the room is done and your son comes home and asks why is his room pink?! (In my defense the paint name was desert sand does that sound pink to you?). SO unfair! I have no advice to offer you but I do give you my empathy!!! Good luck.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank you, ladies!! I am so glad to read I'm not the only one losing my mind over colors!! Yes, there are too many to choose from and you cannot see any of the hidden undertones until it's on the wall. Then you shriek in horror at the color!
Since I painted my vaulted wood ceiling a cream color I am struggling with a plain white on the walls. Although when I used Behr's virtual tools, Linen White looks nice. But then again the colors I see aren't the colors they really are! Sigh. Heck, I could save myself a ton of time if I had my own Behr paint mixing machine right here in my kitchen! Oooh, wouldn't that be fun?! I'd wear a white lab coat as I mixed my paint concoctions! Maureen, Desert Sand doesn't sound pink to me either! Hee-hee... :> ) Maria, I did that with my dining room paint chips. I grabbed like 8 of them and taped them together. It really does work!
TJ the Moon color is the exact color of my cabinets before I antiqued them. But it is too strong of a color for the walls. My hubs eye bugged out when he walked in the kitchen. **giggle** Good luck with it too, Penny!! Keep us posted.

Tina said...

Oh Color! What an obsession it can be. I understand. Those little paint color squares, I do what Marie said and get a bunch and tape them together and put it right next to the cabinet and when I did the color in our kitchen last year, I even took a picture closeup to drown out the rest of the visual noise so I could just compare them and see the contrast. It did help with the decision. You have so many wonderful things that a beautiful neutral backdrop would be perfect for you. A lite contrast between your wall and cabinets would look great.
Let us know how it goes

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