Friday, February 17, 2012

I've Been A Painting Maniac...

After mixing acrylic paints, I narrowed my kitchen wall color down to two shades. I decided to let my hubs pick the one he liked more.

Now we are complete opposites when it comes to just about everything so I knew what shade he was going to pick. But I still crossed my fingers, toes, legs and eyes hoping by some miracle he would pick the one I really wanted. Sure enough... he didn't.
But I kept my word and went to Lowes to match up the color. I told him if it didn't look good, HE was repainting the kitchen. ((giggle))

After putting the first coat on, I must say he was right in picking the lighter shade! WOWIE!! My kitchen looks so light, airy and huge! As much as I love darker wall colors, this is a wonderful change! Besides, all the things I love to hang on my walls like my old pitchfork (yes, I did type the word pitchfork) will look fantastic!

So as much as I hate to admit it... He was right. But you didn't hear that from me.
;> )

I'll keep you posted.

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tj said...

...That had to be hard. Typing the words, "He was right." *giggle* ;o)

...I am happy you finally found your color. That is such a good feeling when it's right versus you're all ready to paint and you start only to realize, "aw crap, this isn't what I wanted". *sigh*giggle*

...And my theory is I'll ask my hubs what he thinks and if he likes it then I know it's not the one. Seriously. It's what works here at our homestead, much to his dismay. :o\

...Enjoy your weekend!

...Remember to post pictures when you're done. We're, [ahem] I'm, nosy like that. *giggle* ;o)


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