Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Put On Your Party Hat...

And celebrate our 5th birthday with us!



What a terrific excuse er I mean "special reason" to eat cake!!

So please join us on
FEBRUARY 28th @10:00 pm edt - March 20th
for our
TDIPT Mercantile Birthday Giveaway!

We'll have fabulous handmade prizes galore from many of our artists!!

Here's a peek at my donated offering.



Just making sure you're paying attention. ((giggle))

So mark that date down on your calendar and be sure to sign up to win!

Good luck!!
:> )


tj said...

...Be there - Or be square! Right? ;o)

...Love your Spotted Cat! Moooo... :oD Just makin' sure YOU'RE paying attention. hee,hee,hee

...Your talent is nothing short of awe-inspiring! And thank you so much for visiting me the other day. What a nice surprise to see your comment. You're so sweet. ;o)

...Have a great day! (((hug)))

...Blessings :o)

Diana said...

Hehe cute..LOVE your cow, you amaze me..Miss seeing you, really do, you are one of the brightest people I "know".. :o)

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hey where you been!!! hope all is well, miss your jokes on fb.. robin

Ali said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Ali x

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

♥ Awww thanks you guys!!! ♥ Robin, everything is dandy! I just decided it was time to leave FB.
Don't be a stranger! :> )

Jennifer said...

I want that!!!!

Laura said...

Thanks for my Cow surprise, your the bestest !

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