Monday, March 19, 2012

Darla Update...

Saturday was a good day. She showed very little neurological signs. She even paraded her blankie around the living room. Something she loves to do, but hadn't done in awhile. Heck, I immediately welled up when I saw that and thanked the Lord above. ♥

I'm beginning to think the ear infection is the culprit of her bizarre seizure-like behavior she's had. I know how loopy it can make a human. Hopefully this new antibiotic she's on is finally kicking in. I keep praying. I wonder if that tick bite was too much for her immune system and sent everything into a frenzy? Who knows?

I do have concerns about her thyroid though. She is still very foggy and loses interest. She's sleeping a lot. But an infection can do that too.
Another sign of hypothyroidism in a dog is they lose fur on their tail. Darla's sweet lil' nubby tail is lookin' a little neked lately. :> ) I too have a bad thyroid, but never lost any fur off of mine. **giggle**

The vet should have her tests results back today and I'll have more answers.

She spent most of her day yesterday on the couch, basking in the glorious sunshine we had.


I didn't blame her one bit.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, comments and personal emails you send regarding my precious Darla.
♥ You have no idea how much they mean to me!! ♥

Lastly,I am finally able to let you in a little secret I've been keeping. But since I need to take some photos, it will have to wait a little longer. **giggle** Sorry!

I'll keep you posted.

Happy Monday all!
Have a terrific week and remember to enjoy nature.
:> )


Raymond Homestead said...

Thanks for the update! Hopefully she will feel better each day! You gave me a good laugh when you said you hadn't lost any fur off your tail! I will continue to keep Darla in my prayers! Our pets are our babies how well I know!

bayrayschild said...

Peanut it is good to hear that Darla has shown some signs of improvement.
Still praying for the little darling.
Hopefully the test results can offer more answers and she can get the help she needs.

Can't wait to see your surprise!
Hugs, Audrey

jennifer768 said...

Wonderful news to hear that your sweet Darla has improved a bit.Will continue to pray for her.Hugs,Jen

tj said...

...Why you lil' teaser you! *giggle* ;o)

...So glad to hear that Darla is doing better! That is good news! I was sitting on the screen porch yesterday and you & Darla crossed my mind, right then and there I spoke a prayer for you both. Hope the tests come back with good results. :o)

...(((hugs))) to you both!

...Blessings :o)

Gwen, The Vintage Seamstress said...

I am thrilled for you! I'll still keep praying for her and you! Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine some yourself.

Sandie said...

Hang in there Darla and Mum of course!
Wishing you a good recovery and lots of happy days together, and sunny ones too!
Happy Springtime!


Sandie xx

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...


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