Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A vintage monstrosity...

A few months back when we purchased our vintage, fan back Windsor dining room set, the previous owner was also selling the matching hutch.

Knowing it was super enormous (6' long by 7' high and quite frankly all scratched, gouged and dinged up), we asked if we could just purchase the dining room set because we didn't have the room for it in our old farmhouse. She agreed.

But before my hubs drove down to Connecticut to pick up the set, the owner emailed me saying we were more than welcome to take the hutch too at no charge.
Wow! I was so very grateful and thanked her for her extreme generosity!!

So in the barn the hutch did go until I figured out what to do with it.
But when I saw my sweet hubs loading it up with greasy engine parts I just about sh*t a brick! I will give him a little credit though, he did place greasy rags down under all the greasy engine parts. Sigh.

I decided I would somehow fit this vintage monstrosity in my tiny work studio. The hundreds of drawers would be perfect for all my doodads and whatchamacallits. My hubs and our dear friend wrestled it into my tiny studio this past weekend.

Now here it sits...


The million dollar question is, should I paint, antique and distress it or leave it as is?? I was thinking a pretty off white or butter cream color.

When I told my hubs I was thinking about painting, antiquing and distressing it, it was his turn to just about sh*t a brick. "You can't paint all that nice wood!!" My response, "Well it reminds me of an old, early 70's, king size, pine, waterbed headboard!!" If I have offended any of you early 70's, king size, pine, waterbed headboard owners, please don't take it personally. That particular look isn't my bag, man. ;> )

So what to do, what to do...
Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

:> )


Pendleton Primitives said...

Ok, that is an amazing piece. My thoughts are it looks nice the way it is BUT I personnaly paint/makeover items so they fit my style. I think the colors you mentioned would look fantastic and you'd fall in love with it even more once it's how you want it. Again, that's just my opinion. It is a very nice piece.

bayrayschild said...

Hiya Peanut!
If that piece were mine I would be taking a paint brush to it by now!

Can't wait to see what you decide =)
No matter what... if you're involved it's bound to be a beauty!


tj said...

...Oh girl, you so need to get your prim' loving paws on the hutch and go to town! That could easily take on the look of an early open cupboard if you know what I'm sayin'. ;o)

...I know, men just don't get it when we take newer pieces and hit 'em with chains, age 'em, paint multiple coats of different colors of paint then sand 'em when they originally started out all nice, shiny and stained. lol...

...Whatever you do you must show pictures, 'kay?

...Have a wonderful day!

...Blessings :o)

tj said...

...Oh, where are my manners? I also meant to add that it is indeed beautiful as is. And such a nice thing for the original owner to do too. Lucky you! ;o)

Ali said...

What a gorgeous old piece of furniture! I like the wood as it is as well, but it would gorgeous in a nice, girly cream.

Ali x

~*~Birdy~*~ said...

Peanut~*~ Paint Paint Paint!! Smiles......

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...
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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! Yeah, I kind of figured everyone would agree with painting it. YaY! :> )

Ali, "girly cream" is the perfect way to describe the color I'm thinking of. ♥
But I really need to mull the color over for sure. This thing is going to take some time to do and I want to get it right the first time.
Maybe something in Milk Paint?
All I know is I'd better get the smelling salts ready for my hubs. **giggle**
:> )

Carol Roll said...

Paint it! And then take a pic of it and how you've decorated it.

Cindi said...

What an awesome piece and so nice to have it gifted to you. I think you would be much happier with it painted although I thought maybe black to go with your floor. I am into black lately but cream.white would make it stand out too!
Be blessed,

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Cindi~ Black was my first instinct. ♥ I have painted a lot of our furniture black and I love it! It would look awesome too especially if I could fit it in my kitchen! But all my large wall space are full of windows. Hmmm... Maybe I can talk my hubs into building an addition off the kitchen??!! (Yeah right. Then there's the one about the three bears.) :> )
Since my work studio is so small, I'm going to have to go light. I found an old scratched up picture frame that's the perfect color!
:> )

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