Thursday, July 19, 2012

"People see God every day...

they just don't recognize Him."
~Pearl Bailey

I believe the good Lord above knows how heavy my heart has been after losing some of my furry and feathered friends last week.

So He sent me a "little someone."


As I walked out our back door the other day, there she (or maybe he) was.

She sat right in Clarice's usual spot. I immediately said "Hi!", and she immediately took off like a bat out of h*ll. ((giggle))
But then she stopped and watched me.

I continued to talk to her as I walked around the property, filling the bird feeders. She was leery, but she listened. Her lil' ears were swiveling around her head like Beany Boy. I thought she was going to start flying around the maple tree.

I asked her if she had ever met Steve or if she was related to Clarice. But she didn't answer. ;> )

This morning, I walked out the back door and there she was again. Same spot.
I said hi again and she took off again. But this time not as fast or as far.

I have a new furry friend.

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