Sunday, August 19, 2012


Not only do I have more room in my house now, I made a few pennies too. Just shy of the Powerball jackpot. ((giggle))
What a great weekend we had at our barn sale! Met so many nice folks from all over the place. One group of gals piled out of their vehicles as each tried to outrun the other to our tables yelling, "I saw it first!" Man, they were funny!

There was a guy who stopped by asking if I had any old dolls for sale. He then proceeded to brag tell us about the "tens of thousands of dollars" he's made buying and selling dolls. "Wow! That's awesome!" I responded.
I asked him if he sold any Izzy (Izannah Walker) dolls. He looked at me like a deer in headlights. He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.
Many of you out there know an Izzy doll is the mother lode of old dolls. I'd give an arm and a leg for one.
Hmmm... Maybe he was pulling our leg just a tad.
After he left my hubs says to me, "H*ll, even I know what an Izannah Walker doll is and I don't know diddly about dolls. I just remember you always yakking about wanting one."
I bet the guy made his tens of thousands on Little Kiddles.

Overall, we ended up with only a small box of stuff left over and a few pieces of furniture, so I can't complain.

Now... What to do with all my "millions" I made?!
Hey, if he can say tens of thousands, I can say millions.

;> )

Oh!! Just a reminder, my eBay listings end tonight!




Happy Sunday!


A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Some people are so (hmmm) funny!
I'd like to know where he's making these tens of thousands at so I can go get in line. ;)

So glad your sells were such a success.
I'm not surprised though, everything you make is amazing.


Tina said...

Well, I'm glad you aren't so wealthy that you just retire from blogging and selling those creations of yours :) We sure meet folks of all kinds in our daily life. I'm sure I'd have been one of those people running to your table.
It's good to have a computer again and be back in the blogging world. I've missed it.
and you

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, so happy for you Girlfriend, yippee!!!! Oh ya, dolls my you know what, tens of thousands,o.k. takes all kinds. Blessings Francine.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hee-hee! I'm still giggling about that guy's comment.
I've decided to spend my millions at Joann Fabrics. :> )

Ali said...

Mister there sounds like he was spouting a load of old rubbish, as they say here. I too have no millions to speak of. Mind you it would help if I remembered to buy a ticket. LOL!

Ali x

Susan said...

I've seen this old man at our flea market, trying to sell them nekkid Barbies. Good thing I wasn't there, cause I would have punched him in the gut.

Laura said...

Sorry I missed it ,I was going to come but I couldn't get my hubby to move his butt this past weekend so I missed out :0( Glad it went well !

Carol Roll said...

loved reading your blog but where are the pics Peanut? i'm dying to see all the good stuff i missed!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Yeah Ali, that guy was full of it, for sure! He actually looked like one of those pro wrestlers. He was all bulked up, super tanned and had the bleached blonde ponytail. Maybe he's the "Doll Wrestler." **giggle**

Peachy, you could have put him in a Full Nelson!

Laura, you should have left him on the couch and came up by yourself! It was so much fun!

Carol, with all the running around I did, I forgot to take photos! What a dope I am!!
:> )

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

You should of brought out one of your wonderful creations and told him it was old and you wouldn't take less than ten thousand ~ that would of showed him! lol
Glad to hear your sale was a huge success and you made millions!!!
Enjoy your weekend!
Prim Blessings

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