Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars...

Be on the lookout for a lil' Christmas elf. He is approx. 6" tall and was last seen at the Countryfolk homestead Christmas season 2011. He is not armed and dangerous. But may be driving a stolen 2010 Hummer. (He has "Small Elf Complex.")

If you've seen him please contact Mrs. Countryfolk ASAP."

December 2009:

December 2011:

As I started to decorate for the Christmas season yesterday, I noticed my Christmas Imp AKA "The Dorothy Doll" was missing!! **gasp**
I've had this doll since I was knee high to a grasshopper and he is nowhere to be found!! **GASP**
I know I packed him away after Christmas like I do every year. But I've searched high and low and he's MIA!

Could he have escaped?! It's a possibility. He wasn't too keen on being called "The Dorothy Doll." You see we named him that because he looked a lot like our Aunt Dorothy. I'm sure Aunt Dorothy wouldn't have been too keen knowing we thought she looked like a tiny, button nosed elf with really bad hair. (But she did.) Which is why the name was our little secret. Shhhh...

I hope he turns up soon.
I'll keep you posted.

:> )


jennifer768 said...

Sure hope that the lil imp turns up soon!Hugs,Jen

Primitive Stars said...

Where oh where can that little imp be?????? Sure hope it turns up, would be to sad to lose the little Elf.....Keep hunting......tBlessings Francine.

Raymond Homestead said...

Hope he turns up soon, he's a cutie!

Tina said...

haha, cute.....Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving
Blessings to ya

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