Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Days Are Here Again!

No I'm not talking about our American economy. I'm talking about here at the ol' Countryfolk homestead.

Remember about a month ago I told you how the exhaust fan switch on my older than dirt vintage Jenn-Air cooktop freakishly turned on, fried itself and sh*t the bed?
Or how I found out they stopped making this particular replacement part years ago and how this freak of an exhaust fan switch turned on and fried itself in many other households across America?
Or since I now had no exhaust fan every, single smoke detector in our home went off when I cooked anything?
How about how it would cost 1800 bucks to replace the cooktop?
Which leads me back to... Have I mentioned how bad our American economy is???

After searching on the internet I found a guy who actually makes the switch. My guess is he experienced the same problem many of us did and figured out a way to make one. Like they say "Necessity is the mother of invention." Isn't that the truth?

Well, the exhaust fan switch arrived yesterday. YaY!!!
I tore into that tiny package like a monkey on a cupcake. There it was, in all its 2 inch glory!
Sure it was "homemade" and may not fit in perfectly. But if it works, who gives a rip? Besides, I was tired of wearing a SCBA when I fried a hamburg. I was willing to try anything.


When hubs came home and "inspected" my new switch he says to me,
"H*ll, I could have made this."

I almost took a swing at him.

Happy Friday, folks.

:> )


Judi Hunziker said...

Love this post, read it to my husband, Mark and he got a chuckle. He said sometimes you just have to look to see what others have done to realize you could have done it yourself...they all stick together don't they! :)

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Karin, oh boy......I don't blame you for taking a swing...he he.....looks great, blessings Francine.

Ali said...

I coulda made this? Reply; so why the H didn't you. LOL! I'm so glad you got your problem fixed Karin.


Peri said...

You are right about the age of that Jenn Air--it's older than my last one and it sort of did the same thing. I bit the bullet and bought a new one...then, had trouble with the downdraft and gave that puppy to a deserving home. The guy said he could fix it and it would work--for a I decided his wife could have the cooktop and the fix.
I bought a plain ole GE and just open the kitchen window when necessary. But I am really glad you got a new switch for for husbands who "can make but don't think of it until after you buy a new thing"...they all belong to the same club. . .The Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda but Nothin' Got Done Club.

Carol Roll said...

Oh God Peanut your such a hoot!!!!

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