Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sorry I've been MIA...

This has been one heck of a week!

My mama had back surgery that did not go well. So I've been running back and forth to the hospital. Still not sure when she's going to be released.

Folks, here's a few words of advice... If you're considering having back surgery, please reconsider.

Also please continue to pray for the people of New York and New Jersey who are suffering after Hurricane Sandy. From what I'm hearing, they and the media are keeping the destruction and despair on the QT. My guess is because of our presidential election on Tuesday.

If any of your local churches or groups are gathering food, supplies and clothing to fill tractor trailers to drive there, please donate what you can. They are in desperate need. It's about neighbors helping neighbors. ♥

As far as Mayor Bloomberg goes, I will refrain from saying what I really think about the man. But I will say I am glad our nation's negative reaction for him wanting to continue the NYC Marathon, made him cave and he finally cancelled it.

So in honor of the
(progressive elitist)(Ooops, did I type that out loud?!) mayor, let us all lift our 16+ ounce sugary drinks for a toast.




Carol Roll said...

Oh Peanut i hope your momma feels better soon. And yes it is terrible what our northern/eastern
family are going thru. They are resiliant and will pull thru. The loss of life is unbearable.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Karin, so sorry to hear about your mom, hope she feels better quickly......Terrible storm that so sad for all those affected......Cheers!!!!! Francine.

Susan said...

Hey Gal, sorry your mama is feeling poorly. Tell her I'm thinkin' of her. I'll continue to pray for the folks hit by the storm. I agree the media would be pulling out all the stops and reporting EVERYTHING if it wasn't election week. We have already started collecting canned goods and water to donate. I also must refrain from saying anything about Bloomberg, since I'm not a New Yorker. Also, not being a runner, I don't understand the big deal about the marathon, but it "shore as H-E-double hockey sticks" is not as important as the safety and well being of the storm survivors. Ooops. Looks like I had my say anyway. Me, I'll lift up a 32 ounce Big Gulp Dr. Pepper and toast to that Bloomin' idjit. xoxo

Maureen said...

So sorry to read of your Mom's back surgery woes. As for the rest of your post, I regret I have but only two thumbs to hold up in support of all you wrote! I keep praying for this wonderful country of ours, for positive results in this election, that things can and will get turned around.

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