Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas Tree is decorated...


But I'm having a heck of a time getting into the Christmas spirit.
I am really missing my precious Darla. I was hoping time would start to heal my heavy heart but so far it hasn't. It's two month ago today we had to put her to sleep.

Not a day goes by where either my hubs or I mention her. Little Gracie still isn't the same. She went from having two "sisters" two years ago, to having none. She has lost her feisty spirit. The only time we see life in her eyes is when we take her for a walk on the trail. But with snow on the ground, she's too tiny to trudge through. She'll now have to wait until spring.

So we continue to adjust.

I hope in another few months it will be easier. But for now I will occasionally post about how much I miss my beloved, loyal, four legged best friend and shadow.
It's therapeutic.

Thanks for "listening."


Tina said...

oh my heart hurts for your loss. Your tree is beautiful. Be blessed, my dear.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
We lost our little Charlie man a few months ago and I miss him so. Sometimes I still catch myself looking for him.

Your tree is gorgeous!
I am in love with that topper.
Truely Amazing.


Susan said...

Awww, poor things. It took us months to stop hurting when we lost Milo. It's not easy. Love you bunches.

Ali said...

What a gorgeous tree Karin. I hope the Spring lightens the burden of grief you carry for friends lost.

Ali x

Cindi said...

It is always hard when we lose a family member, even our four legged members! Keeping you in my prayers.
Lovely tree!
Be blessed,

Carol Roll said...

Peanut you honor your precious Darla so much. She will always have a place in your hearts. Gracie is so sweet and is blessed to have you.

BTW did you make that tree topper?
its so lovely!

tj said...

...I know Karin, it just takes time. Lil' Darla will always be with you, you carry her in your heart. (((hug)))

...Such a beautiful Christmas Tree! Have you thought of possibly a little puppy under that Christmas Tree? You know, with a tag that says, "To: Gracie From: Santa" *wink*wink*nudge*nudge* ;o)

...And never hesitate to share that you're missing Miss Darla. We know that you are still hurting and sometimes it does a soul good to talk of the loss or share a happy memory. We're here for ya. :o)

...Bless you.

Peri said...

It is really hard to lose any of our non-human "children"...and while I realize this is not what you want to read...consider finding Gracie another friend from the ones who are desparately seeking someone to take them in and love them. Some of my best friends in the entire world have been unwanted by others...not all have been animals. Even if it hurts, a grateful tail wag sometimes eases the pain for both sad dogs and grieving animal "parents".
Give Gracie a new friend for Christmas....

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, guys. <3

I know I say this a lot but Darla was VERY special. She was such a sweet, loving, furry little soul.

Peri, I'm sure in time we'll get another. My heart is too big to not fill it with furbabies. :> )

Cookie said...

my heart still hurts for you, Goob. Just this last weekend two of my friends lost their beloveds. One lost her cat ... the other lost her mini horse who was trying to deliver a breach baby. Things went from bad to worse and she lost both baby and mama. We are still grieving with them. :(

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