Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm thinking about...

doing something C-R-A-Z-Y.
No I'm not thinking about growing a full beard and mustache. Although... Nah.

As much as I LOVE the look of all the original pine floorboards in our living and keeping room, I'm thinking about covering them. I know, crazy right?! Why would I cover original 1800's floorboards?!

Man oh man, I can't stand how horribly cold they are in the winter. I wear so many pairs of socks, my feet look like Olive Oyl's.
Then there's the boards that are starting to splinter. Try stepping on one of those babies. Even with fourteen pairs of socks on, you still feel it.
Some of the gaps between the boards are so wide, this morning I saw a spider wave at me from the basement. Not cool.

So what are my choices?? Well when we moved into this old farmhouse, all the rooms were carpeted.
Sorry, I'd rather deal with Olive Oyl feet than wall to wall carpeting. It's not my thing.
We could have all beautiful hardwood flooring installed.
As gorgeous as it would be, on the practicality scale of 1 to 10... It's a -2 in the Countryfolk Homestead.
Why you ask??
Soon there will be a dog AND a puppy running around.
2 dogs = 8 paws = 34 tiny toenails. Dewclaws included.
The wood stove.
Have you ever dropped a large piece of firewood on a wood floor? I have. Ummm. Trust me, it ain't pretty.
Next, is my hubs.
Men. Need I say more?
Finally, there's me. Quite frankly, I'm probably the worst out of them all. I'm always painting something. Dropping something. Staining something. Dropping something. Dropping something and dropping something. Not to mention, I slide and change the furniture as often as I change my underwear.
Yes, that does mean quite often. ((giggle))

So I'm thinking laminate flooring. Now don't gasp in horror. They make beautiful laminate flooring these days and it can withstand everything I've listed above and then some.
We have Pergo in our kitchen and I love it!

Take a peek at some of these pretties I found online.

Chateau by Mannington

Country Rustic Hickory by Quickstep

Sylvia" by Evoke

Pine Planks by Dupont

Natural Hickory by Dupont


Since I know Pergo flooring is very doggy friendly, I'll probably take a stroll through Lowes and Home Depot to see what's out there.

But for now, I'll have to invest in a pair of Mukluks.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Remember to smile.
:> )


jennifer768 said...

I have been looking at the Natural Hickory by Dupont myself.We have carpeting now but I think my dog may be allergic to it.Have fun checking out all the different flooring.Enjoyed your post and the giggles it brought.Blessings,Jen

Primitive Stars said...

Oh no...not cold floors as great as they may look......must admit we tore out the yuk, carpet and put in Laminate flooring through out the house, and I love it, so many looks now a days, go crazy girl, Blessings Francine.

Peri said...

Ha Ha! A woman with good sense! Old wood floors are lovely and they do "fit" the home's theme..however replacing them is an excellent idea. I have been there and I agree!
Now, Pergo...well laminate flooring finishes are generally only about 1/32 inch deep, so when you drag something across the floor that makes a mark, you can't sand it is easy to install, but it buckles under extreme temperature changes...however, it is cheap enough that when this happens, you can replace the damaged portions. Get the deepest finish you can find and you should be okay! Can't wait to see the final project photos...go, girl, go!

Susan said...

I agree with Peri, and I will add that if you get something that wont splinter, you can do lots of various dance moves. Hubby and I used to bust a move on our kitchen floor all the time. Man, I'll miss that.

Tina said...

Those are some good looks! I cant do cold and the thought of splinters makes me wince. We don't have pets so we chose vinyl planks that resemble wood floors so I'm not a purist when it comes to the wood floors. Do what cha gotta do.

earlene said...

Oh man...that is a tough decision.
Good Luck

janeka said...

Please tell me which Per go is pictured in the last . It is beautiful!

janeka said...

Please tell me which Per go is pictured in the last . It is beautiful!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Janeka, I'm sorry to say I have no idea what the name of that beautiful Pergo flooring is. You might get an answer from Pergo directly if you email them. Just Google "Pergo" and find the photo.
P.S. If you do find out, please let me know. It really is beautiful! :> )

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