Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stella's finally here!!!!!

It has been a wild ride here today at the Countryfolk homestead!!

Not only is she worn out...


I am too!

If you want to know how the day went, take a peek at Stella's blog. The link is below.
I am too exhausted to type, but she wasn't.

Thru Stella's Eyes.

Happy Saturday!!

:> )


Peri said...

Will go and check out the pup's blog but first wanted to say congrats to you and her new daddy and big sister.
Hope there will be lots of fun times for the three of you.
Right now there will be lots of, well, cleaning up...
Have fun!

Primitive Stars said...

YEY!!!!! What a sweet bundle of joy, she is a darling, will check out her blog......Give Stella a hug from me, Francine.

tj said...

...hee,HEE!...YAY! She's home! Congrat's Peanut Family on the newest, littlest peanut!

...She's adorable! Now off to see her new blog. :o)

...Enjoy her & your day!


Laura said...

Very cute ! enjoy her :0)

Raymond Homestead said...

Yay!! Stella you are just so darn cute! Of course I rushed over to your blog and signed up as a follower! I have a feeling you are going to have a mighty big fan club!

Peri said...

This is for Gracie:
Hooky Cat says to say: " I send Gracie animal kisses and say that the little one will smell better once she gets used to the new house and gets regular food. She is just a baby dog and they always want to play but they always smell funny. I am scared of big dogs but not baby dogs. Be like me, a little shy but brave. When she starts to smell right, you can walk up and let her know who is the top animal in the house. Then snuggle with her a bit. It will be fun.
Thank you,

Thanks for passing along the message,

Ali said...

You did a dog blog? Karin, your a nut! I popped over and had a look and your right; Stella is gorgeous. I hope the training doesn't take too long. Looking forward to more puppy madness.

Ali x

Tina said...

she's just the cutest!

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