Thursday, January 31, 2013

TONIGHT on TDIPT Mercantile...

I have two offerings.

Primitive Mallard
"Get your ducks in a row."

A Polka Dot Folk Art Hen
"Don't count your chickens before they are hatched."

Sound advice from our feathered friends.

Click on the button below to go directly to my selling page.



Also during the month of February, some participating members on the Merc will donate 100% of their sales from a select offering to charity. Participating artists will have it stated on their selling page.
This time around, Make a Difference Rescue in the Metro Detroit area will be the recipient of the charity in our hearts.

We'll see you tonight!!

We have a high wind warning for today and tonight in these parts. If we lose power, you'll know why my page isn't updated.

;> )

1 comment:

Peri said...

Hooray for all the charitable folks donating their sales on the Merc!! I rushed over and got the hen so I could be part of the event!

Hope the high winds did not blow trouble your way. My sister was concerned about wind down in VA too. . .I think she fared okay, but her power flickered off and on while we were talking on the phone.

Now, go quickly and start more critters!!!

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